Peer Review Process

The Auchi poly journals adopts a double blind peer-review process before the papers are published to ensure the quality of publication and to guard against plagiarism. The peer-review involves the evaluation of the manuscript by expert researchers in a given field who will recommend for publication, revision or rejection of the manuscript. In double blind review, the identity of the author is concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa to ensure anonymity.

During the review process, each reviewer fills up the Peer-Review Form on which each criterion is given a particular score by the reviewer using 4-likert scale evaluation technique on the bases of: 1 =low, major reviews and not publishable, 2 = average, recommended for minor reviews and publishable, 3 = good, needs reviews and publishable 4 = excellent and publishable. The recommendation of the reviewer is also indicated in the filled-in Peer-Review Form. Using the same form, the reviewers make a summary of the review, comment on the strengths as well as the minor and major weaknesses of the manuscript and suggest the necessary revisions. The peer reviewers submit the filled-in Peer-Review Form together with the reviewed manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief via the journal portal review form.

All manuscripts are subject to peer-review to determine whether the research is conceived and executed sufficiently to merit publication guidelines. Articles accepted for publication through a peer-review process pass the expected standards of the disciplines.